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119 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSW, AUS


Welcome to myBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team!

myBJJ is regarded as one of the premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) teams in Australia, with a focus on self-defence, self-confidence and competition.

Led by Mario Sergio Yokoyama, a Ryan Gracie Black Belt, the academy has grown from humble beginnings to a team with numerous clubs and affiliations worldwide.

Our team’s philosophy on BJJ is to ensure each student is taught the fundamental techniques that were imparted on Mario in Brazil. Self Defence techniques are emphasised for all beginners, and optional competition BJJ is taught when students have a competent grasp of fundamental (some refer to this as “Advanced Basics”) BJJ knowledge.

The wide range of students at myBJJ have competed locally and around the world, with a multitude of key wins in State, National, World and Abu Dhabi Pro Qualifiers.

Our classes are designed for students from all walks of life and motivation for training.

The Fundamentals class has a focus on self-defence and essential techniques for starting BJJ, and as students progress into the Advanced and Masters classes they are positively challenged to reach their full potential as BJJ practitioners.

Conveniently located close to Sydney’s CBD, myBrazilian Jiu Jitsu (myBJJ) Head Quarters in Camperdown offers a comprehensive timetable with over 40 classes per week for:

  • Kids
  • Women Only
  • Mixed Fundamentals, Advanced, Masters and Competition

Contact us and start your journey with myBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu (myBJJ).


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