IMG_2546Mario Sergio Yokoyama, Head Instructor

Regarded internationally as leading competitor in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, Mario Yokoyama is known for his training methods, technical knowledge and attention to detail. Trained since childhood in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mario moved to Sydney in 2004 where he now lives with his Australian wife and daughters. A Judo black belt, and BJJ black belt under the late Ryan Gracie, Mario is responsible for the development of myBrazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum and instructor training programs. Some of Mario’s titles include: CFC light-weight champion (MMA), King of the Ring light-weight champion (MMA), IBJJF New York Open champion, IBJJF Melbourne Open champion, IBJJF Asian Open champion, IBJJF World NO-GI silver medalist.


gordinho profile picRafael ‘Gordinho’ Correa de Lima, Mentor Instructor

Co-leader of Asia’s premier MMA gym, Evolve MMA, Gordinho is a multiple time World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. and is responsible for the Renzo Gracie Curriculum at Evolve MMA in Singapore and Brazil. Lending his expertise to myBJJ Team, Gordinho visits Sydney annually to mentor our students and instructors.



DSC03601Ricardo Laffranchi, Instructor

From Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, Ricardo now teaches in our Camperdown, CBD and Rozelle schools. Ricardo has trained and competed internationally, earning titles such as Sao Paulo State Champion, 2 x IBJJF Melbourne International Open Champion, 3 x IBJJF Sydney International Open Champion, 2 x NSW State Champion & Australian Grand Prix Super Fight Winner. Ricardo is a qualified community coach and holds a Cert. IV in Sports Coaching. He is known for his technical knowledge, and can often be found leading additional training sessions for students. Ricardo is also available for personalised, one on one lessons with students.


11650689_10153102352823422_409972621_nWerique Oliveira, Instructor

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Werique has travelled and trained under some of the best Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in the world, receiving his purple belt from Leandro Lo. Werique now calls Sydney home, and regularly competes both nationally and internationally. Werique has medalled at the major IBJJF Championships across Brazil. His titles include: Sao Paulo Gi & No-Gi State Champion, Australian Winter Cup Champion and Grappling Industries Champion. Werique brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to myBJJ Team, and can be found leading classes at our Sydney headquarters in our Future Champions programs and adult’s classes. Werique is also available for personalised, one on one lessons with students.


DSC03596Salvador Japon Jr, Instructor

With a black belt in Escrima and years of teaching under his belt, Salvador brings a wealth of Martial Arts experience to the team. Salvador’s friendly personality has made him a popular instructor amongst students at our Camperdown location where he regularly teaches classes for both adults and children. Salvador is also available for personalised, one on one lessons with students.



11655593_10153116228823422_2090792132_nPeter Yabsley, Instructor

Having trained and competed Internationally, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge to the Team. Peter’s Jiu Jitsu career began in London under Roger Gracie (from whom he received his Blue Belt) and continues at myBJJ Team where he teaches classes for both adults and children at our Camperdown and Seven Hills locations. As a primary school teacher by trade, Peter lends his expertise in our Junior BJJ programs.



John WoodJohn Wood, Instructor

With a black belt in Judo and brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, John Wood is a force to be reckoned with at the gym and on the competition scene. John’s effective takedowns and attention to detail when instructing has made his classes popular amongst students at our Camperdown location, especially to prospective competitors. John is also available for personalized, one-on-one lessons with students.



LiliLiliane Pereira, Instructor

From São Paulo, Brazil, Liliane now runs classes at our Camperdown and Cremorne locations. With a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a Certificate III in Fitness, Liliane incorporates her love of martial arts and fitness into all of her classes. Teaching women’s self-defense to refugees at Auburn Youth Centre, at the Lebanese Muslim Association, and various in-house seminars, Liliane’s is known around the Inner-West community for her giving and kindhearted nature. She is beloved in our kid’s classes for her patient teaching style, and her attention to individualism. Liliane is also available for personalized, one-on-one lessons with students.


AmyAmy Campbell, Instructor

With a Cert III & IV in Fitness & Personal Training and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Professor Mario Yokoyama, Amy provides a knowledgeable addition to the MyBJJ team. As well as instructing the female self-defence classes at Camperdown and hosting Health & Fitness events, Amy has also proven herself a versatile athlete by competing on the national & international stage. Amy is very passionate about health, fitness and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which is strongly reflected in her approach to coaching and mentoring. Amy is also available for personalised, one on one lessons with students.


Chris Ly, Instructor

Chris first started BJJ in 2011 with Mario & currently holds a brown belt. He is currently a full time university student and an active BJJ competitor whom has trained world-wide. While being known for this half-guard and technical abilities, he also brings a vast amount of BJJ experience & knowledge form all around the world. Chris has a friendly attitude which is reflected in the way he teaches. He is also available for personalised, one on one lessons with students.


Morgan Kennedy, Instructor

Morgan began training BJJ back in the UK almost a decade ago and has been with myBJJ since 2014 when he came to us as a blue belt. He is an active competitor, meddling in many of the local tournaments and has managed to take away the Pan Pacific No-Gi Heavyweight title and Sydney International Open No-Gi Heavyweight and Open-weight titles. He now holds a Brown Belt under Mario and helps teach the Teens competitions classes. He is available for private lessons with a main focus on no-gi techniques.

Greg Cleary, Instructor

Greg has been involved in the Martial Arts for over 35 years. In addition to his myBJJ Black belt, he holds a Black belt in Karate and P10 Level in Krav Maga. You can find Greg teaching the Master MMA classes at HQ.


Ben Gottlieb, Instructor

Bio coming soon…

Julian Matsumoto, Instructor

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Sergio “CURVA” Fernandes, Instructor

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New Zealand 


Stuart Marks Stuart Marks, Principal Instructor: Dunedin

As a partner and Principal Instructor at Oceania Fitness Solutions in Dunedin, New Zealand, Stuart was the first myBJJ Team student to be graded all the way from white to black belt under Head Instructor Mario Yokoyama. A passionate and technical instructor, Stuart often travels to Australia to keep up-to-date with the myBJJ curriculum and team news.



portrait-philipPhil Lindsay, Senior Instructor: Dunedin

An experienced and successful MMA and BJJ competitior, Phil is a partner and Senior Instructor at Oceania Fitness Solutions in Dunedin, New Zealand. As an instructor, Phil regularly travels to Australia to update his skills and knowledge under Mario Yokoyama, can often be found coaching and leading his students by example at national and international competitions.


portrait-dave-daviesDavid Davies, Assistant Instructor: Dunedin

A long time student of Oceania Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (New Zealand), Dave has developed a solid understanding of BJJ basics. He is methodical in his approach and provides a valuable contribution on the mats. Dave assists with the Kid’s and Youth Jiu-Jitsu classes.



portrait-dave-scott_official_157x157David Scott, Assistant Instructor: Dunedin

David comes from a background in Taekwon-Do and is particularly interested in the self-defence aspect of the art. He teaches some of the Blue Belt classes as well as assisting with the kids and youth classes. David also helps out with administration and maintenance of the website and database.



instructor profile picJames Cherrie, Senior Instructor: Whangarei

One of the original members of the New Zealand team, James moved to Okinawa, Japan in 2007. He is now an active member of My BJJ Team Japan and is the instructor at My BJJ Team Okinawa. James’ classes include members of the US military as well as Japanese locals. He is also certified in MMA strength and conditioning.



portrait_shane_157x157Shane Winterton, Assistant Instructor: Nelson

Based in Nelson, Shane has visited myTeam Jiu-Jitsu in Dunedin regularly over the past three years. He shares the same core values that makes make myTeam Jiu-Jitsu such a great place to train. Shane has trained in Jiu Jitsu both in the UK, as well here in NZ. Shane has experience in several martial arts, which spans a training history of over 20 years in the martial arts sector. With a professional background in education, Shane has a particular interest in how to best help each student to achieve their full potential.


portrait_Rob_157x157Rob Tregurtha, Assistant Instructor: Nelson

A long time training partner with Shane, Rob has joined with Shane to assist with teaching at our newest branch in Nelson. Rob firmly believes in the physical and mental benefits of jiu jitsu training and has trained in martial arts for 10 years in New Zealand, Thailand, and Japan. With 6 years of Jiu-Jitsu experience, Rob is always working on his game and keen to help others explore this gentle art. Rob particularly enjoys the self-defence and technical aspects that Jiu-Jitsu has to offer.




instructor profile picRoberto ‘Betinho’ Yokoyama, Senior Instructor (Brazil/Japan)

Moving to Japan from his home in Brazil, Betinho started his training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the original myBJJ Team in Nagoya. The cousin of Head Instructor, Mario Yokoyama, Betinho is considered one of Japan’s top competitiors and currently teaches at myBJJ Team in Aichi-ken, Japan.



instructor profile picFabio Aquio: Bio Coming Soon