Japan Instructors

instructor profile picRoberto ‘Betinho’ Yokoyama, Senior Instructor (Brazil / Japan)

Moving to Japan from his home in Brazil, Betinho started his training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the original myBJJ Team in Nagoya. The cousin of Head Instructor, Mario Yokoyama, Betinho is considered one of Japan’s top competitiors and currently teaches at myBJJ Team in Aichi-ken, Japan.



instructor profile picJames Cherrie, Senior Instructor (Japan, Okinawa)

One of the original members of the New Zealand team, James moved to Okinawa, Japan in 2007. He is now an active member of My BJJ Team Japan and is the instructor at My BJJ Team Okinawa. James’ classes include members of the US military as well as Japanese locals. He is also certified in MMA strength and conditioning.



instructor profile picFabio Aquio: Bio coming soon


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