Muito Obrigado, Professor Rafael ‘Gordinho’ Lima.

12243439_914371921973196_21158153568074922_n (1)myBJJ Team extends our warmest regards and a huge thank you to Professor Rafael ‘Gordinho’ Lima for his recent stay with us at our headquarters in Sydney. Gordinho is a long time friend and mentor of myBJJ’s Professor Mario Yokoyama. In his recent annual visit to myBJJ in Sydney Australia, he kindly gave his time (away from his family and his own academy in Miami) to mentor our students and instructors; spending the better part of 2 weeks on the mats at our Camperdown, North Sydney and CBD schools.

Whilst in Australia, Gordinho actively led our students in classes, private lessons and seminars. He also mentored our instructors, both on and off the mats, and led them through comprehensive instructor training. Students and instructors from our New Zealand schools also flew in and participated in the events.

Many student belt promotions were also awarded during Gordinho’s stay, including professor Mario Yokoyama’s black belt 3rd degree promotion! Congratulations to professor Mario and to all students who received stripes and new belts!


Gordinho also helped our students and instructors prepare for the IBJJF Melbourne International Open and flew down to the event to support and coach the team.

About the seminar:

The seminar was well attended by students from Australia and New Zealand, with Gordinho going through technical detail of the most basic positions, clearly demonstrating why he is considered amongst the best and most technical coaches the world.

“At Gordinho’s seminar, I re-learnt how important the basic, fundamental positions are. Simplicity with attention to detail is key.” – Salvador Japon

“His seminar was mind-opening. I felt like he brought my BJJ to a new level. He showed minor details to the basic techniques that I have known for years, and proved these positions 10 x over.” – Rafael Alag



About the instructors:

Gordinho also led an intensive 3-day instructor training course, using curriculum that he has developed through his years of experience building and growing some of the largest and most successful BJJ academies in the world. myBJJ instructors attended the course, renewing knowledge, trouble-shooting and learning about what it takes to be the best possible Jiu-Jitsu coaches.

Gordinho always goes on to demonstrate what he teaches – he mentors both in word and through his actions. His teaching style is passionate and fun, and he continually proves his coaching methods on the mats.

“Gordinho has taught me that teaching is fun and enjoyable. His enthusiasm is contagious.” – myBJJ instructor


About the competition:

Gordinho is an inspirational figure in competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu, with years of experience both competing and coaching in BJJ tournaments across the globe. His experience serves as a great motivation to the students. Gordinho coaches with authority and clarity, which provides the students with a sense of safety, strength and confidence when they step on the tournament mats. myBJJ Team was privileged to have Gordinho coaching alongside Professor Mario at the IBJJF Melbourne Open.


myBJJ Team is very thankful to have the opportunity to work with Professor Rafael Gordinho Lima, who has, with his hours of technical coaching, mentoring and training, once again invested into our team and built a great measure of confidence in our students and instructors.

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More about Gordinho:

Rafael ‘Gordinho’ Lima has more than 25 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has fought in hundreds of BJJ bouts. He is a Mundials BJJ Black-belt World Champion (1998) and has five times been National Champion of Brazil, where he was voted the most technical fighter and also had the fastest submission (12 seconds). He was also a runner-up in ADCC (no-gi submission grappling) Brazil and has competed and won in numerous other tournaments around the world. He has trained and taught for years in Brazil and also internationally, and was the most senior Black-belt instructor (after Renzo Gracie) and program director at the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York, which is the largest BJJ school in the world with over 1200 students in a single location. He is also responsible for the course curriculum of the Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore.

Today, Gordinho is working on a lifetime dream: running his own academy in the United States; a country that he considers his homeland. A little over 2 years ago, Gordinho established START BJJ Academy in Miami. Start BJJ has an outstanding professional team, and has already created IBJJF world champions. This year, Start BJJ was elected the best martial arts school in the city by the Miramar awards program.