The Benefits of Women’s Classes

Jiu-jitsu is one of the most rewarding things you can learn, as a male or a female.

women armbar

Through jiu-jitsu, you learn how to use leverage to control someone else, even someone bigger and stronger than you. You will also learn more about yourself in a few months on the mat than in years of regular life.

And you will learn all these things in mixed classes while training with people bigger than you and smaller than you, male and female, of higher and lower belts.

So why should women make the effort to train with other women and in women’s classes?

It is because, although Jiu-Jitsu is for the weaker and smaller person, and is not about size and strength, when two people of a similar skill level train and spar together, the stronger one will usually prevail with the technique. For this reason, women training BJJ will progress at a much faster rate when given the opportunity to train on occasion with people of a similar size and level of strength- other women.

When given the chance to train with people of similar size and strength, you will have more success practicing techniques, you will get to train your “offence” rather than just your “defence”, you will get the chance to perfect your submissions, you will be able to talk with other women about your training, and you will therefore learn techniques faster and be better able to utilize them in mixed classes, in competition, and in real life situations.

So whilst training with men and women is great and always beneficial (you will also learn essential lessons from training with opponents larger than yourself), training regularly with other women is a stand out option to improving your technique and skill level.

Make time for both!
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