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myBJJ Team


Professor Mario Sergio Yokoyama is the founder and director of myBJJ Team.

Mario moved to Australia in 2007, after earning his black belt under Ryan Gracie in Brazil. With him he brought a wealth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge and a vision to share.

myBJJ had its humble beginnings in Sydney with a couple of students training in Mario’s backyard. A short time later, Mario rented a small space at a boxing club to accommodate the increasing number of students wanting to train at myBJJ.

In 2010, myBJJ established its first full-time academy in Marrickville and quickly grew to be a formidable BJJ team on the competition scene, despite being one of the smallest clubs in Sydney.

As the club continued to grow exponentially, Mario was left with no choice but to shift the gym to a bigger space.

The year 2015 was a huge milestone for myBJJ. The club moved their HQ to Camperdown, with more than 400 sqm in floor space – including two separate training mat areas to allow for two classes to run simultaneously.

Today myBJJ is represented by academies and affiliations in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

The club’s philosophy on BJJ is to ensure each student is taught the fundamental techniques that were taught to Mario.

Self-defence techniques are emphasised for all beginners, and competition BJJ is taught when they have attained a competent grasp of essential BJJ knowledge.