School Etiquette

For all myBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academies


01. Always be respectful 

02. Bow to the centre of the mat when you enter

03. Bow to the centre of the mat when you exit

04. Classes begin and end with a formal bow to the Instructor, with students lining up in descending grade order

05. Absolutely NO coaching your children or other students during class

06. For safety reasons, if you are late for class, wait for permission from the instructor before joining the class

07. For safety reasons, if you need to leave the mat, or leave class early, you must ask permission from the instructor

08. During class, when the instructor is demonstrating techniques, every student must sit or stand in good posture

09. Talking should be kept to a minimum level and should relate to the class subject

10. Bow to your partner before and after practice

11. Absolutely NO foul language inside the school

12. Keep feet clean. NO dirty feet on the mat

13. NO shoes on the mat at any time

14. NO food on the mat at any time

15. Keep fingernails and toenails short for hygiene reasons

16. Keep your uniform clean at all times – a dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect

17. Wear your uniform or a shirt at all times whilst in the school

18. Wear your belt at all times – it represents your progress

19. Refer to black-belt instructors as ʻProfessorʼ and non-black belt instructors as ‘Coach’

20. Remove all metal objects, jewelry, piercings and necklaces

21. Mobile phones must be switched to silent during class times

22. Take your belongings home with you after class; this includes drink bottles, clothes, bags, towels etc.