Drysdale Seminar


Name: Sophia McDermott Drysdale
Born: Melbourne, Australia (1979)
Nationality: Australian
Residence: Las Vegas, USA
Division: Middle weight
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
World Championship: x1
World No-Gi Championship: x2
Pan American Championship: x4
Pan Pacific Championship: x4



You don’t want to miss this opportunity to train with Australia’s first female black belt, multiple time world champion and leading athlete – Sophia Mcdermott Drysdale. Sophia is a black belt under Robert Drysdale (World champion/ADCC absolute champion/UFC professional fighter).

Not only is Sophia Australia’s first ever female black belt, she is also the first Aussie black belt to podium at the IBJJF world championships.

Read more about Sophia here.

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Seminar details:


Seminar 1: Saturday December 12, 1:00pm start (mixed seminar)

Seminar 2: Sunday December 13, 1:00pm start (women’s seminar)

Seminar cost: $65 for myBJJ members  |  $85 for all other students

Private lessons available by request.

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